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Dry Bag


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Dry Bag


Key features:


- Dry Your Wetsuit Anywhere - No drips, no wet bathroom floor, the water collects in the base of the bag and you control when it drains. When space is a premium in your flat, or your other half will kill you for soaking the car with your kit. The Dry Bags stops all this.


- Hang Your Wetsuit Properly - Folded in half over the hanger means no pulling at the neck of the suit, it means the suit drys quicker and it means if can be stored easier, win, win, win!


- Vent The Fumes - Don’t leave a wetsuit in a sealed stale bag, we all know the smell! The Dry Bag allows airflow for a drier, fresher, cleaner suit, home & car. Protects the suit from UV rays too.


We love it and it's a must have for ANY kitesurfer!

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