Developed through an irrational pursuit of excellence – the Bronq was never about building a carbon board, rather using all the technology at hand to create a ride that is undeniably versatile, exciting and luxurious to ride.

So special that one test puts it at the top of every riders “most wanted” list.



A much misunderstood word – freeriding is the ability to adapt your riding to the conditions of the day, your mood or simply your desires and the Bronq CRB-4 was born to facilitate that ideal. 

At it’s heart is our ultra-light paulownia/balsa core wrapped up in a new blend of Bi and Triaxial carbon cloth. This new and unique mix delivers a board that significantly eclipses all previous Bronq incarnations. Unlike traditional carbon layups, which can be light but extremely stiff and nervous, it offers extreme flex and chop eating ability without the “spongy” feel that hinders many high flex decks.
Massive grip for booting, effortless glide no matter the water state and radical carving ability mean you don’t have to go extreme in your riding but if you want to the Bronq will help you achieve heights that you’ll never have seen before.


  • High Performance Freestyle
  • Technology applied to free your riding potential

Next-Generation Construction

Combining a  Balsa/Paulownia wood core with Bi and Tri-axial-Carbon laminate gives our lightest, most dynamic construction ever

Split Concave Mould

First seen on the Ronson this innovative shape enhances grip and softens the ride without loosing efficiency

Double Stepped Tips 

Improved carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive

BITE Hi-Visibility fins

Optoflex moulded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight

Constant Curve Rocker line

Consistent grip and fantastic POP with never a drop of water in the eyes

2 year warranty

Peace of mind with our 2 year manufacturing defect warranty (conditions apply)


135 x 41
136 x 42
137 x 44

Sneaker SRS or Sneaker 6 accessories

Enjoy our snowboard ratchet technology for the ultimate, quick adjust fit or choose a time proven Velcro classic

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135 x 41, 136 x 42, 137 x 44