Maximum performance, minimum effort.

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Maximum performance, minimum effort. No strings attached. Balanced and reactive, the Nova Wing generates more forward drive and upwind performance than anything you’ve ever ridden. At the heart of the Nova, design is a super-stiff geometry for power and efficiency, enabling instant take-offs and a massive wind range.

Intuitive transitions. Comfortable ergonomic handling. We’ve carefully positioned everything, from the XS Litevision panels to the low-profile handles, in the best place to trim the wing and make transitions safer and more intuitive. The tow-friendly wing shape with sweep and dihedral also helps keep it tracking when towing behind you on a wave.

Whether your focus is on the flow of riding open ocean waves, carving, or stomping out tricks, the Nova Wing will help you make the most of your local conditions. Load up. Pump up. Ride longer. The ergonomically curved strut increases stiffness and performance, creating a more stable center profile that can still depower and produce less lift when you’re towing the wing. The concave side of the curve creates a stiffer frame.

Nova Wing’s Radial cut panels at the end of the GeoStrut distribute large amounts of load across the canopy in defined load directions. Radial cut panels help align the stronger weave of the canopy to the stress pattern to prevent distortion and help keep the weight in check.

The extra-large T-Joint is the structural frame joining the leading edge and strut in the shape of the letter T. The T-joint has a larger diameter for optimum stiffness, enabling a lightweight and direct connection to the canopy without deformation.

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Black 6m, Sea Green 5m