FONE Race Pro Flat Water 14ft0

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After an exhaustive R&D work with our best riders, F-ONE introduces the 2018 Race Pro Flat Water. We are very proud to have team riders like Josh Riccio that have been an instrumental part of this board, collect amazing results at some of the most highly contested Sup Races in the world. These boards excel in the flats, sustaining a very high pace while seemingly slicing through the water. One of the most common mistakes on flat water boards is making them too extreme and becoming a handful when conditions deteriorate; at F-ONE we made a priority of this by keeping the right amount of rocker and volume distribution throughout the board. Additionally, we didn’t compromise stability due to its parallel rail outline that maintains the width to the tail making it a truly all-around board available in 14′ x 23,5″ / 255 L. and 14’x 25,5″ / 275 L.



This is what Josh RICCIO has to say about the board: “Can’t say enough good things about the F-ONE Flat-Water Race Pro, to me this board is the best all-around race board out there on the market. It has helped me achieve some of the best results in my career this year “.

14’0’’ x 25” 427 x 63.5 Cm 294 L 10.5 Kg* CENTRAL US BOX CENTRO 8” RACE PRO
14’0’’ x 27” 427 x 68.5 Cm 331 L 11.3 Kg* CENTRAL US BOX CENTRO 8” RACE PRO

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14'0’’ x 25'', 14'0’’ x 27''