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Wing / SUP
The new Sonar HA1450 is the bigger brother of the HA1250, designed for a heavier rider or lighter wind days. Highly efficient with great lift, speed, glide and pumpability in flat or choppy water. The Sonar HA1450 has a high wingspan to chord length ratio, with a relatively thin profile – similar to a sailplane glider wing. With this style of wing, you generate maximum efficiency and lift. The short chord length defines the profile thickness, and with a thin profile comes reduced drag. The span gives you stability, with a slightly longer radius turn than a lower aspect ratio wing of the same size.

High lift, low drag and fast upwind
High performance glide
Prepreg carbon technology
“The big function of the High Aspect wing is upwind performance – it’s perfect for wingfoiling in flat or choppy water.” – George Hradil