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Wing / Surf / SUP
The High Aspect Sonar HA1250 beats upwind like nothing else. The ultimate front wing for wing-foiling at speed, the Sonar HA1250 boasts high lift, speed, and glide in flat or choppy water. Exceptional efficiency and pumpability allows you connect wave after wave when prone or SUP foil surfing. It’s high wingspan to chord length ratio and relatively thin profile is similar to a sailplane glider wing. With this style of wing, you generate maximum efficiency and lift. The short chord length defines the profile thickness, and with a thin profile comes reduced drag.

The span gives you stability, with a slightly longer radius turn than a lower aspect ratio wing of the same size. The Sonar HA1250 is an ideal wing for those days when the rides are long, and waves peel endlessly across the bay.

High lift, low drag and pumpability
High performance glide
Prepreg carbon technology
Flat or choppy water

“The Sonar HA1250 is so efficient I’ve lost count of how many waves I can connect” – Jesse Richman