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The Master C+ V2 is the lightest and most performant freeride to freestyle crossover twin tip in our line up. It is the ultimate weapon of choice of dedicated wind addicts seeking a board to outperform anything and anyone. Its disruptive nature allows the rider to shatter any limit, boost higher, and pop harder than ever before. The newly designed precision-milled 3D core, made of a rare low-density Paulownia wood, is entirely coated with high-tech carbon-fiber.

We use superior Spread Tow Carbon, a fabric made with a unique weaving technique to get the most performance out of the carbon fibers, both in stretch and compression. The carbon layer creates an exceptional flex, enhancing the riding experience. The Master C+ can hold the edge longer and with more ease, allowing the rider to load up the board for huge jumps and a more powerful radical pop. In landings, the flex cushions the impact.

To further improve the flex pattern, we introduce varying beveled rails. By altering the thickness of the edges along the board’s outline – in the tips and the center, the rail profile is thinner – we created a design that generates more speed and holds the load better. Another nifty feature is the highly innovative Parabolic Rail Shape technology (PRS). The tucked-under-rail improves upwind-travel, cuts through chop more comfortably, and redirects spray away from the rider. In combination with the smart channel layout of the bottom as well as the included G10 glassed fins, control and responsive playfulness go hand in hand.

The Master C+ performs in raging storms just as well as in smooth sheltered waters. Thanks to its carving characteristics, it is also a great companion for tackling surf. Experienced twin tip riders will notice the unique multi-stage rocker plus the relatively lean tips, which we slimmed down for this year’s version to enhance the linear flex between center and rail. The Master C+ is the best freeride to freestyle board out there and the first choice of ambitious riders seeking highest performance.

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139 x 42, 136 x 41