The Eleveight Curl is a high-performance surfboard ideal for solid wave conditions. It is a handshaped board for advanced riders without inserts for straps. The thin rail profile together with the harmonic outline gives you an excellent rail to rail performance.

The bottom shape has a single concave running all the way through providing the board with grip and drive. The rocker line with a nice tail kick makes every top turn an explosion. Using carbon stringers, Inegra/Carbon vector net reinforcements and the Futures fin box system makesthese boards durable and keeps them ultra-high performing.

The Eleveight Curl is shaped in Portugal. It is the best surfboard you will ride.



Eleveight Curl Performance Surfboard FEATURES
  • Modern short board shape for quick turns
  • The single concave makes this board extremely fast and drivey
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box
  • Medium density foam for balanced ratio of high performance and maximum durability
  • Inegra/Carbon Vector grid reinforcements for enhanced durability
  • Carbon stringer for responsive flex
  • Hand shaped high performance board (no inserts for straps)
  • Ideal wave size medium to big


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5'7", 5'10"