The new Ripper 3 is our super smooth riding custom glass surfboard. The revised tail shape, tucked under rails, and slightly reduced width may induce endless woohoos in just about any waves. Like the ones a Nor’easterly brings to the East Coast. Or a good low brings to the Great Lakes. We built the ultra comfortable, Ripper 3 allrounder to feel right at home on big, messy, wind driven lake swell and the super smooth reefs of Mauritius and Maui. A handcrafted, glass shortboard for all your road trips, wherever they may take you. The Ripper 3. Your next allround surfboard-slash-kite surfboard-slash-lightwind weapon.




  • ACTIVE FOAM CORE – Superior flex memory.
  • CLASSIC GLASS COAT – Pros prefer it. So should you.
  • SHORTBOARD OUTLINE – Optimized for allround wave performance.
  • NEU: ROUND TAIL – Improved traction and lift for classic, smooth carving turns.
  • NEU: TUCKED UNDER RAILS – Extreme grip and control in turns.
  • STRAP-READY – Your choice. Go strapless or add straps.
  • DOUBLE STRINGER – Manages torsion and supports the strap inserts.
  • BLUNT NOSE – Safer. And heck, it looks cooler.
  • THRUSTER FIN SETUP – Optimizes the balance between control and a loose, skatey feel.
  • ORIGINAL FCS II SYSTEM – The world standard in fin systems.


  • 5’8’’ x 17 ⅞” x 2 1/16”, Volume 23 L
  • 5’10’’ x 18 ⅛” x 2 ¼’’, Volume 25 L
  • 6’1’’ x 18 ½” x 2 ⅜”, Volume 27 L

Available Accessories:

  • CORE Center Traction Pad
  • CORE Front Traction Pad
  • CORE Straps
  • FCS II Fins “FCS II Carver GF Tri Set”
  • FCS II Fins “FCS II Accelerator Neo Glass Tri Set”
  • FCS II Fins “FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set”

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5'10", 5'8", 6'1"