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The 2018 AXIS Maroro Lightwind Carbon foilboard is based on our full carbon and very strong construction. (Maroro means flying fish in native Maori language)
The AXIS Maroro Lightwind foilboard is designed for the heavier riders or light wind conditions, and it is compatible with our  AXIS Maroro Carbon Hydrofoil. We like this board for light winds as its volume helps with staying on the board as you are working on the kite. We also like it for long distance adventures, as the size and volume make it comfortable on your transitions and resting moments.



Good size beveled rails, high volume tail and concave on the nose, make this board a winner. While the name indicates light winds and low performance riding, the AXIS Maroro Lightwind Carbon foilboard is a very easy board to ride, that all levels can appreciate.
The Maroro Lightwind Carbon foilboard is only available with a Tuttle box base and designed to perfectly compliment the AXIS Maroro Carbon Hydrofoil.  Only available in the North American and European markets.

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148 x 50