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Liquid Force Legacy 2015 Ex Demo


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139 x 42.5cm £225.00


The Legacy’s advancements include a progressive rail concave for added edge hold and enhanced durability, a full double concave for more efficient riding, and a state-of-the-art flex profile for deeper presses, softer landings, and more powerful takeoffs. The result: an organic, flowing, hand-shaped feel.


CNC Wood / Composite Core Construction


Performance delivered in a strong, lively, lightweight construction.


Printed matte or gloss sub straight for vibrant, lightweight graphics.

Biax longitudinal reinforcement strips for ultra durability and flex integrity.

Biax/triax glass (full layers on both sides of the core) for torsional rigidity and even flex.

CNC'd wood/PVC composite core for optimized, proprietary flex and the best strength-to-weight ratio.

M6 inline insert packs for strength and multiple stance options.

Liquid Force's exclusive Liquid Rail for impact durability.

Printed matte or gloss sub straight for vibrant base colour.

The BEST Procreator is the definitive freestyle / wakestyle crossover board. It is team rider designed and has been tested and approved in the heat of competition.


The Pro-Creator uses the same Beech wood insert supports and UNI-D reinforced tape as the Profanity so you can go huge in bindings or straps.


The CNC machined and laminated Paulownia wood core is wrapped up in a 100% uni-directional Pre-Preg lay-up and finished off with an impact resistant ABS Rail and Bullet Proof Bottom Sheet for minimum weight and maximum durability.


The Supremo Wood Core and light weight top-sheet in the Pro-Creator means it can be up to 700 grams lighter than less advanced boards, making it one of the lightest competition ready boards that you can take into battle.


The Pro-Creator 135 and 139 are the fastest riding, highest performing and most durable twintips that BEST know how to make and it is the number one freestyle board in the line-up.


If you want to compete then you owe it to yourself to ride the best possible board. If failure simply isn’t an option then you must ride the Pro-Creator.


Best Procreator 2014 Kiteboard


Best Procreator Key Features:

Supremo Wood Core:

A composite core construction using laminated Poplar wood sections provides the ideal balance of high strength and great shock absorption. If you want one board for tackling everything from heavy chop conditions to nailing your latest freestyle trick in butter conditions then the Supremo Wood core delivers.

Best Procreator 2014 Kiteboard Kiteboarding Kitesurf Board

Pre-Preg Layup:

From aerospace to Formula 1 hi-tech manufacturers all around the world rely on pre-impregnated (pre-preg) fibre and resin systems so they can deliver the highest tech composite production, providing maximum strength, durability and erformance.


BEST use a 100% pre-preg layup process on all their twin-tips to ensure that every board delivers the optimum strength-to-weight ratio, saving up to 700 grams on the weight of each board compared with other construction methods. Lighter and stronger, they’re lower fat because every gram counts.

Best Procreator 2014 Kiteboard Kiteboarding Kitesurf Board


Basalt and glass fibre pre-preg-tape torsion control delivers a better damped, lighter board with more responsive handling and improved upwind ability.

Best Procreator 2014 Kiteboard Kiteboarding Kitesurf Board

Basalt Fibre Tech:

Best are the first kiteboard manufacturer to introduce Basalt Fibre Technology to their boards. Basalt fibres are extruded directly from crushed and smelted rock powder, no chemicals are added to the mix and the production process uses less energy than either glass or carbon fibre.


20% stronger than fibreglass and more progressively damped than carbon, these boards are now even lighter, tougher, deliver huge pop yet still maintain silky smooth handling in choppy conditions.

Best Profanity 2014 Kiteboard

Discreet Mounting System:

Utilizing individual mounting blocks for all fin and strap hardware means the Controlled Flex Zone pattern and inherent strength of the Spark board is not compromised by providing multiple foot strap position options to accommodate all riders. The discreet inserts on the Spark board are each thermally bonded in place during the molding process for the most positive contact between insert and wood core.

Best Spark 2014 Kiteboard Kiteboarding Kitesurf Board


The BEST Procreator 2014 is built to handle the abuse that freestyle can hand down no matter how hard you ride. Set-up with your favourite bindings it’s the ultimate wakestyle / freestyle weapon.


**Price include footstraps and fins**



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