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Flexifoil Buzz - Kite Complete


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Flexifoil Buzz - Kite Complete


The Flexifoil Buzz Powerkite has been built from the ground up with the same attention to detail and precision that goes into developing all of our kites, from beginner to advanced.

2-Line Kite

The simplest way to control a power kite, two lines offers the ability to control in the air, without having to worry about the effects of the braking lines. This makes it the ideal start for beginners and children who just want to get out and have fun.

Comfortable and Safe Control Gear

Flexifoil’s comfortable wrist straps offer soft protection to the user, whilst spreading the pull of the lines around the wrist to give a greater and more natural feeling of control to the flyer, ideal for kids.

Intelligent Features

We take the hassle out of setting your kite up and packing down through simple features like our croc grip and colour coded lines. All of our products are built with you and your enjoyment in mind, we just want to get you having fun as quickly as possible!

Durable Design and Quality Materials

The Buzz is produced from high quality Sora Ripstop sail material, which, along with special product features like the taped trailing edge, gives this kite excellent durability. You can have confidence when flying (and crashing!) the Buzz.

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