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Liquid Force Wow V2 2017 Kite


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6m £899.00
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Sizes: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 12 | 14


The Wow is not just a surf oriented kite though. It’s stacked with freeriding traits, including stellar lift for big boost and long glide, pivotal looping for air transitions and gentle downloop landings, a small LE for banger upwind performance, and ultra responsiveness for fluid, carving turns. Additionally, all of these characteristics, coupled with the Wow’s graceful drift, make it a powerful choice for an enhanced and simplified foil boarding experience.

SPECS Max Flow Inflation Inflating your kite should be easy, and with the exclusive Liquid Force Max Flow valve and pump system, it is! The widemouthed setup is nearly effortless and 40 percent faster. EVA Scuff Guards LF's EVA scuff guards protect the LE against abrasion and impact. Challenge Triple Ripstop Canopy Triple Ripstop, double laminated, high strength to weight ration rip-stop canopy material. Only on Solo and Wow. Tapered LE Tips This LE wingtip design, combined with the LF tape batten prevents accidental bridle wraps. 0.1MM TPU Bladders Strongest bladder material available today. LE English Stitch Seams Clean, inter locked, fray free design that creates a strong bond. Sandwich Assembly This layered Polytape construction assembly aids in the prevention of canopy tears in critical load bearing points. One Pump System Single point inflation system will inflate and deflate your struts automatically. Synergy Strut The LF Synergy Strut construction adds extra rigidity to the canopy profile adding strength and an ultra responsive direct feel. High Sweep Wingtips Higher sweep means increased turning speed, bar feedback, and effortless re-launch even in the lightest wind velocity. Rider Adjustability Turning speed, bar pressure and bar input response can all be adjusted at the wing tip and on the pigtails. Layered Frame LF Layered Frame construction gives added protection in key areas that are prone to canopy stress, reducing canopy tearing during harsh impacts.

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