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Shinn Boards

  • Image of Shinn ADHD Rum

    £ 599.00

    The 2016 Shinn ADHD Rum 

    Wakestyle performance board.

  • Image of Shinn Ronson 2017 Kiteboard

    £ 684.00

    It’s time for something completely different, it’s time for a new genre of board and the Shinn Ronson is leading the way. Never before have Shinn created a deck with so much confidence and so much prowess. Utilizing all the technology at their disposal Ronson bridges the gap between Freeride and Freestyle in a way we could only dream of a year or two ago.

  • Image of Shinn Monk Golddigger 2017

    £ 644.00

    The 2017 Shinn Monk - Effortless chop handling, amazing carving, perfect edge control and never a drop in your eye the Monk is living proof that in a world of compromises there is still something special and unique to be found. If you’re looking for the ultimate do-it-all board then your search is most probably over. It’s pure gold…

  • Image of Shinn Bronq

    £ 769.00

    The 2016 Shinn Bronq Heritage