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Moses Fluente 91 Foil


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Moses Fluente 91 Foil


Moses T40 Glass Foilboard and Fluente 91 Foil


The 2017 Moses Fluente Wave / Freeride Hydrofoil offers a premium Carbon Hydrofoil at a great price point !!!


For 2017 the Fluente 91 mast is made out of high modulus carbon and is straighter, thinner and stiffer than the 2016 Fluente 93 making it more responsive, lighter and faster (if needed).


Moses Fluente Wave / Freeride Hydrofoil: •Carbon Fibre 550 & 325 wings and mast with the Vorace fuselage.


•Amazing value for money

•Beginner, intermediate or advanced wave / freerider

•Solid but light - great for jumping!

•Maneuver oriented with inherent stability

•Quick Learning and Progression



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