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GoPole Yellow Bobber - Floating Hand Grip Camera Accessory


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GoPole Yellow Bobber - Floating Hand Grip Camera Accessory


The GoPro GoPole Bobber Pole is a flotation device for your GoPro. Simply attach it straight to your GoPro HD Hero 1,2 or 3 - giving the camera buoyancy on the water.


The Bobber is designed to make it easy to hold so you can get some nice follow shots, without the fear of losing your camera to the ocean. Perfect for kitesurfing, holidays and wakeboarding.


The Bobber can support the weight of the GoPro with LCD BacPac on.

GoPole Bobber is perhaps more useful & necessary it appears to be, its not just an expensive piece of yellow plastic. The Bobber has two important jobs to carry out for you, one is make your GoPro float & visible and secondly to use a pole; this accessory is paramount for anyone wanting to use a GoPro swimming in water, be it the sea or the comfort of a swimming pool.




For extra floatation and visibility The Bobber can used in conjunction with GoPro's Floaty Backdoor accessory, we found this to be a great addition when out in rough seas.


Like any other pole The Bobber can function great above the surface too. It's great for snapping quick selfies on the beach and talking videos & photos anywhere! A top tip for this accessory is to carry a phillips head screw driver with you, just so you can nip up the screw a little tighter than just finger tight.

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