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Woo Sports Device 2.0


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Woo Sports Device 2.0


Data-driven, Fueled by Fun


WOO PackagingWOO Packaging

WOO SensorWOO Sensor

WOO MountWOO Mount

WOO ChargerWOO Charger

Bluetooth Low Energy


8 hr. active battery


9-axis motion sensor


iPhone compatibility








Data-driven, Fueled by Fun


WOO + You. WOO captures the data behind the rush – it’s a revolutionary device that stores your stoke. Boost higher, spin more, challenge your friends with WOO!


The WOO is compatible with iPhone 4s or later.


Order now and be one of the first to join the global WOO kiteboarding competition.

Track every jump with the WOO sensor attached to your board. Designed to be low profile and simple to use, the WOO captures your session while you focus on riding


The adhesive mount attaches your WOO directly to your board. Easily clip in and out the sensor, no tools required.


Extra mounts are available for purchase (sets of two).


USB Charger attaches your WOO to any USB port for quick charging. Supports laptops, cell phone chargers, and USB ports in automobiles.


*USB Charger is necessary for updating your WOO with future firmware, available for free via



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