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Mystic Handle Pass Neo Short Leash


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Mystic Handle Pass Neo Short Leash


Suitable to fit to most harnesses and traction / depower / kiteboarding control bars.


The Mystic Short Safety Leash system is perfect for any type of kite and rider requiring a short leash for wave riding or ride hooked into your chicken loop at all times.


In emergency situations, the leash can be released through it's safety mechanism.


Quick attachment with a clip gives you many attachment options.




Attachment ring and strap

Thick Protection EVA Foam Padding

Stainless steel buckle

Dyneema Rope Inside

Quick Release

Spinning Buckle

Neoprene Covered Buckle

Dyneema Rope Inside

Leash doesnt get stuck around the spreaderbar hook

Heavy Metal Quick Release Pin

Quick Release

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