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Peace of mind whilst you ride.

This section is for CBK Members to ask for advice about ANY aspects of kiting: How to do particular moves; equipment tuning; other kitesurfing spots; and as most commonly requested - advice about new kitesurfing equipment.

Amongst the CBK team there is an immense amount of kitesurfing experience, across a broad range of disciplines. And at the head of the team is Chris Bull, who was one of the original kitesurfing pioneers in the late '90s. Since that time he has most notably been the test editor for 'Kiteworld' magazine, and the instructor of instructors for the BKSA, whilst also running his kitesurf school and shop from West Beach at Hayling Island.

We felt that one of the key challenges for the new CBK Kitesurf Club was to make sure we were able to lend as much of the team's experience and knowledge to the members as possible, by allowing them to freely ask for kitesurfing advice.

Courtesy of the network of kitesurfing contacts established by them over the last decade or so, CBK can also competitively source all manner of kitesurfing brands for you, that may not appear to be part of their regular online shop. No doubt Chris will also likely have tested those products, and can offer you impartial advice about your preferred products, and some alternatives to consider and test before you make a final choice.


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