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To renew your CBK Club membership for a further season there are two things that we require you to complete: the application form, and the payment.

The membership fee for the period from April'18 to March'19 is £150.00 .

Members are required to have their own personal liability insurance with an indemnity of £5 million in order to become a CBK Hayling Isand member.

Once the form has been fully completed you will be sent to the Club Membership section of the shop, where you can pay for your club membership. Once your payment has been matched to your application form and your insurance verified, we will send you out a membership email with a personal number.


CBK Kitesurf Club Membership Form (April 17 to March '18)

Section 1: Personal Details

Section 2: Insurance

Members must have valid Personal Liabilty Insurance for kite surfing with a £5 million indemnity (HKA, BKSA or similar) in order to be a member of CBK Hayling Island.

Proof of current valid insurance will be required before your Membership rashvest is issued.


Section 3: Club Rules & Regulations



Thank you for completing the club application form. Please ensure that all the questions have been answered. The information provided will be confidential to the club, and will be used solely to improve the services that CBK provide.

By clicking 'Send' this will take you forward to the payment section, which will complete the Club joining (or rejoining) procedure. Once the Application Form and your payment have been confirmed, you will be sent an email confirmation.

Thanks for being a part of CBK and we look forward to seeing you on the beach!

CBK Hayling Island Ltd holds the licence for all kitesurfing and kite sports activities for West Beach, Hayling Island. Hayling Island Golf Club own the beach and licence out the management of all kitesports on their land to CBK Hayling Island Ltd.


General Club Rules

Membership definition: Membership is not transferable and is only for the named member or family members on CBK Hayling Island Ltd membership forms.

Single – one person only adult over age 18 years old

Junior  - minors 16 years old or under

Student - persons in full time education over 16 years of age but under 22 years of age

HM Forces - any person working full time in Her Majesty’s armed forces.

Membership duration- the membership period runs from 1st April to 31st March annually.  Membership fees are not  pro-rated.

Rash Vests: all members are required to wear current CBK Hayling Island Ltd  rash vests while launching/landing and riding all year round. Any member who mislays their rash vest will be required to pay for a replacement at a cost of £30. Rash vests are not transferable and must be worn by the CBK member it has been assigned to ONLY.  Rash vests must NOT be lent to anyone and any member found to be doing so will have their membership cancelled.  Rash vests remain the property of CBK Hayling Island Ltd,  if you decide to cancel your membership you must return your rash vest to CBK Hayling Island Ltd

CBK Hayling Island Ltd reserve the right to refuse membership.

Rash vests have a unique number which matches your plastic band and are proof of insurance and membership.

Insurance: all members are required to have 3rd liability for on the water cover – to the minimum of £3 million cover-we require insurance policy number and valid expiry date.

Any member wishing to bring another non member to the beach must ensure that the person has filled in the day pass form, declared appropriate insurance and pay via the website or in the shop and must be wearing the designated rash vest for a day pass member


No rash vest no launch - members must only launch other members who are wearing the correct CBK rashvest .


Members must always launch and land in the specified kite zone.


Solo launching via the concrete block is forbidden


Instructions or requests made by the Beach Manager must be adhered to at all times.


Members are not permitted to teach other members/family/friends or day guests at any time whilst at West Beach. Only CBK Kitesurf School instructors are permitted to teach at West Beach


Any incidents must be reported to the Beach Manager or the shop.


When the Red Flag is flying, the beach is closed for kite surfing and this decision has been made for safety reasons therefore NO kitesurfing must take place.  If any member is found to be kiting when the red flag is flying they will have their membership cancelled.


CBK Members must be courteous to members of the public and only launch / land when it is safe to do so.


CBK Hayling Island Ltd does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to equipment or personal injury incurred whilst at West Beach or kitesurfing from West Beach. 


Competence: if you are a member you need to be of a level of ability where you can safely control the equipment you are using – and keep within the Club Safety Rules. If you are unable to do this you will need lessons before venturing out onto the water!

Rules: please make sure you read them and fully understand them – we can run through them in the shop if you need further explanation. In simple terms we expect each member to respect other water users and not to endanger other beach users or swimmers.


  Club Safety Recommendations

1. Always check local weather conditions prior to going on the water and ensure that an appropriate wetsuit is worn, together with an adequate buoyancy aid and helmet if required.

2. A board on starboard tack has right of way over a board on port tack.

3. Any person in the water should be avoided.

4. Boards on opposite tacks – a sailor going out through the surf has right of way over a sailor coming in.

5. Boards coming in on the same wave – the sailor closest to the shoulder of the wave (breaking point) has right of way.

6. Sail with others – whilst kitesurfing is an individual sport, it is advisable never to sail alone. Always inform someone of your sailing plans and an expected time of return. Never sail too far offshore, even in good onshore conditions, as visibility is dramatically reduced when there is any swell running.

7. Avoid strong tides, offshore winds and poor visibility:

• Offshore winds – Offshore riding is only allowed when the club safety boat is available.

• Strong tides – Be aware of the tides; tidal streams can be hazardous depending upon the size and state of the tide.

8. Check that your equipment is seaworthy before kitesurfing and that you have the correct equipment to suit the conditions.

9. Be honest when assessing your own abilities, especially in extreme conditions. Do not go out in conditions which are beyond your own capabilities – if in doubt, don’t go out!

10. When leaving equipment unattended, make certain it does not endanger other beach users or cause damage to their equipment. Position/secure your gear to prevent the wind from ‘picking it up’.

11. It is advisable to carry a line cutter, safety flares and a mobile phone whilst you are on the water.

12. If you are unsure about the conditions and how they might change throughout the day, please speak to the Beach Manager on the beach or call us on 02392422570



CBK Hayling Island Ltd Club Rules

All members must abide by the decisions of the Safety Officer / Club Manager. If in the interest of safety, particularly in the height of summer, it is deemed necessary, the Safety Officer may stop kitesurfing temporarily if conditions dictate.



2. Launching and recovery is only allowed through the marked kite zones, marked with CBK Hayling Island Ltd flags. When on the water in summertime during the swimming season keep clear of the shoreline by a minimum of 2 kite line lengths.

3. Kitesurfing – no launching at high tide unless supervised by CBK beach manager or CBK staff  

4. Whilst on the water, all windsurfers must treat other beach users with the greatest consideration. Any swimmer in the water must be avoided by at least two mast lengths (15 metres) or if you are kitesurfing two kite line lengths, (50 metres). Swimmers must always be passed to seaward.

5. Any member who jeopardises the safety of a swimmer or another beach user will be temporarily or permanently banned. In the event of permanent ban membership will not be refunded.

• Members must ensure that guests have paid the appropriate fee

• The guest must have evidence of third party insurance

• The guest must have read, and understood fully, the Club rules

• Guests must wear the CBK Hayling Island Ltd Club day vest bib whilst sailing.

10. Parents please dont let small children play within the kite zone

11. Membership is only for personal watersports use – no commercial/ promotional use is allowed.



CBK Hayling Island Ltd Kitesurfing Specific Rules

3. The decision will be taken each day in the summer whether there is suitable space and conditions for kite surfing by the each Manager.

4. Launching and landing through the flagged kite launching zone only.

5. Kite surfers must take absolute responsibility for their own safety, more importantly that of other beach and water users, if you feel there are too many people either on the beach or on the water you should assess the situation and exercise restraint. Also if you see any kite surfer out of control or about to launch dangerously it makes good sense to assist and advise them. Collectively kite surfers can create a safer environment, those who act irresponsibly will jeopardise the sport for everyone.

6. All kites must be fitted with a safety leash to the harness. It is advisable to test all safety systems prior to launching kite.

7. Kite surfers must avoid swimmers, windsurfers, paddle boarders and other beach users. You must ensure there is clear space on the beach to launch and land prior to kite surfing

8. Never ‘over fly’ people on the beach, dogs or horses. Be especially careful of children who are drawn to all kites thinking they are toys, but generally do not realise the dangers that a power kite can present.

9. Safety advice from CBK Hayling Island staff or CBK Hayling Island beach manager should be adhered to.

10. Kite surfers must keep at least one line length (ie. 50 metres) or more from the shoreline. Please do not over fly the beach.

11. Novice kite surfers must have had lessons and a reasonable level of proficiency before venturing amongst others; someone to assist landing and launching is essential for all levels of kite surfers.

12. Kite surfing in offshore winds and strong gusty conditions should be avoided unless safety boat is present and operational.

13. The lagoon in front of the CBK Kite zone should be avoided when there are swimmers, learners or many windsurfers.

14. Jumping on land is to be avoided.

15. Assessment of weather conditions is essential, in particular the size of kite for wind strength/ability.

16. Kite surfers should keep clear of other water users, preferably downwind. Kitesurfers should not try jumps or manoeuvres when there is a chance you could drift downwind onto another water user. Always check downwind prior to any manoeuvre. If you are too close to another windsurfer or kitesurfer put the kite into its neutral position and allow them to pass. Whenever possible stay out to sea away from other water users. CBK Hayling Island  may divide the  lagoon to keep learner kite surfers away from recreational kite surfers. Please keep clear of beginners kite surfing that are having tuition.

17. Any kite surfer who endangers any other beach user, summer or winter will be asked to leave the Club, without any refunds.

18. Kites must not left unattended on the beach unless they are secure with sand bags. Lines MUST always be detached when kites are left on the beach.

Summer Rules (1st June Onwards)

In the summer season the beach is busy with swimmers. This means we implement some extra safety procedures to ensure the the safety of other beach users.

We will drop two white buoys in line with the kite zone. All kitesurfers are to rig and launch within the kite zone and enter the water between the two white bouys. If you are unsure of this procedure please enquire with the beach manager or at the cbk shop..

The shore line either side of the kite zone must be kept clearat all times without exception, unless directed by the cbk beach manager.

The CBK beach manager/ staff will endeavour to keep our launching zone clear of swimmers. If this does not happen we will chase up the situation on your behalf. Please do not kite or windsurf close to swimmers.

The use of the lagoons will change daily depending on conditions please check with a member of staff for details.

Rule Changes

Rules are constantly monitored and changes are made when required. Up-to-date rules can be found posted at the CBK Hayling Island Ltd website under CBK Hayling Island Ltd Club rules.

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