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The kitesurf school and the kitesurf shop have been established for 10 years now. However with the introduction of the kitesurf club this now allows all three core activities to be co-ordinated under one organisation. This gives you the opportunity to learn to kitesurf from scratch, to receive advice and advantageous pricing on both new and second hand equipment, and also to be a member of a kitesurf club where safety facilities are a constant on the beach when the wind blows, and where we look to provide members with significantly increased kitesurfing opportunities in offshore wind conditions too.

Kitesurfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world, and is based on technique rather than strength. This is encouraging a wide range of people to learn to kitesurf – from youngsters of 12 upwards to pensioners, and both male and female. But it is still an extreme sport, and safety must be a paramount consideration. The vision for CBK is to create the best kitesurfing club in the UK, improving safety on the beach, improving access times in all wind conditions, and improving club facilities for the members.